Monday, April 9, 2012

Ballet in Fashion

It's often that designers inspiration is some dances or different choreographic directions. I think that most popular is ballet. it's very specific field of art and everything in ballet's world is very amazing and beautiful. I'm sure that every girl's wish was to be a ballerina. Tutu skirt, toeshoe with ribbon, body sweater and many little attribute makes so attractive effect of this dance. Ballet has his own colors: light pink, white, light blue and all pastels. I tried to collect some accessories and clothes, which are inspired by ballet. 

                              Ballerina Toeshoe                             Chloe Ballet flats

                                     OPI NYC Ballet Inspired Spring 2012 Nail Collection

                             Christian Dior Ballet-Inspired Autumn/Winter 2012

Marchesa Ballet-Inspired Autumn/Winter 2012

Oscar De La Renta                                                  Louis Vuitton


  1. Beautiful and feminine. I can't wear any of the ballet inspired pieces - I'm 40 hello! lol but I do wear ballet flats a lot. My ballet flats are not quite like Chloe's in the photo but still very feminine :)

    1. yes I agree, ballet flats is the most comfortable and feminine shoes in the world :))



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