Saturday, April 14, 2012

Diet coke - Who will be next ?

                                                   Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke                

                                                Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke 

First Bottle designed by Karl Lagerfeld and second by Jean Paul Gaultier. In my opinion Karl's design is much better, not because it's pink and I love this color, because it's much refined until Jean's corsets and I think that it's somehow vulgar, but its only my conception. And what do u think who will be the next designer ? 

Spring with Altuzarra birds

Spring with Altuzzara birds

Uniqlo sleeveless blouse
£30 -

Long blazer
$107 -

Altuzarra flare pants
$775 -

Dsquared leather sandals
$765 -

Chanel leather shoulder bag
$4,812 -

Bounkit turquoise necklace
$1,290 -

Diesel sunglasses
$190 -

This springs/summer is full of colors and prints. My choice'll be to wear pastels, different and original prints and don't afraid of experiments. This look I made with Altuzarra wide pants, u will know that in this season pants with print are very trendyness and I can say the same about peplum, which makes look easier. Orange blazer, Dsquared leather sandals, Chanel leather shoulder bag and two-coloured necklace are ending part of my spring look. Good luck to my lovely readers.

My colors

It's my fav. colors from my looks. Colorful stripes, dots, Bordeaux, light green, purple and brown.

P.S Sorry for bad quality


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