Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fashion Design Vocabulary - Tea Bodokia

The 25 of April in Tbilisi State Academy of arts was a presentation of a book named Fashion design vocabulary. (author Tea Bodokia ) The book is really reach with fashion terminology and it's very good guide for everyone, who want to be know something in fashion and also for designers. I'll share with u some of terms in Georgian language, because book is in Georgian and here is some photos from it and I'll post also presentation photos in a few days.

 პიე-დე-პული - (ფრანგ. pied-de-pouie) ქსოვილის ნახატი სახასიათო პატარა კუბოკრული, მსუბუქად გაწელილი დიაგონალის ხაზზე. შეიძლება იყოს ჯაკარდული ან დაბეჭდილი, ოფერიანი ან მრავალფერიანი, მაგრამ, როგორც წესი, შესრულებული კონტრასტულ გრაფიკულ ფერთა შეხამებაში. შალის ქსოვილი პიე დე პულის ნახატით მოდაში შემოვიდა სანელის ელეგანტური უბრალოების სტილის შემორების წყალობით. ის არის კლასიკის განუყოფელი, გამორჩეული და მუდამ აქტუალური ნაწილი.
რედინგტონი - (ფრანგ. redingtone) ცხენოსნებისთვის განკუთვნილი მამაკაცის ზედა ტანსაცმელი. პირველი რედინგტონი, რომელიც დიდი სიგრძით არ გამოირჩეოდა, ჰგამოიყენებოდა ცხენით სასეირნოდ და სამოგზაუროდ. მოგვიანებით ის ხდება სამოქალაქო ტანსაცმელი, იძენს მომდგარ სილუეტს და სიგრძეს. XVIII საუკუნიდან რედინგტონი ხდება როგორც მამაკაცის, ასევე ქალის გარდერობის ნაწილი. თანამედროვე მოდაში რედინგტონად ითვლება მომდგარი და უცებ გაფართოებული სილუეტის პალტო ან ნახევრად პალტოები.
ბრიჟი - ვიწრო მარმაში გამოშვერილი საყელოებისა და მანჟეტის ბოლოებიდან.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Eiffel Tower Trunk Cabinet
Fringe "Eiffel Tower" - Lisa Candle
Eiffel Tower Pocket Watch - Copper

 Kate Spade new york 'Eiffel tower' stationery     "We are handsome" - 'Eiffel tower' swimwear
Lead the Pack Lunch Bag in Eiffel Tower                                Tokyo milk
Eiffel Tower batwing-sleeve T-shirt                Bat sleeves jumper with Paris Eiffel tower print

Eiffel tower Paris Iphone 4S case           
Moschino cheap and chic fall 2011 rtw                   Eiffel tower in interior

The Eiffel Tower  is a wrought iron lattice tower, located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. Built in 1889 as the entrance arch to the 1889 World's Fair, it has become both a global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. The tower is the tallest building in Paris and the most-visited paid monument in the world; millions of people ascend it every year. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. 
The Eiffel tower is the most popular and the most wanted icon in the world. U can see this logo on the shirt, on shoes, in interior, also on bags, clocks, fringes and etc. I'm sure u already know that I'm fan of Paris and it's true that at the first time Eiffel tower is associated with France, Paris and I also adore this fashionable icon.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My fav. items from Zara

               Wide-fit trousers with pleats                        Wide printed trousers

                 Cowboy hat                                                   Two tone wide brim hat

                Clutch with clasp frame                                   Large city bag with zip

               Lace skirt                                            Pencil skirt with frill

           High heel sandal                            Wide heel sling back with stones

I'm sure u know that now Zara is in Georgia, at Tbilisi Mall, also there are many other brand boutiques like as Bershka, Topshop, Stradivarius and etc. These are my favorite items from Zara, wide white and printed trousers which are very trendyness and comfortable for me, also cowboy hat with flower print and leather detail, two tone wide brim hat not only for beach, light yellow clutch and large green city bag, lace floral mini skirt and pencil skirt with frill and finally my weakness shoes ! this bright high heel sandal it's amazing and wide heel sling back with stones is very glamorous and I like both.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Diet coke - Who will be next ?

                                                   Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke                

                                                Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke 

First Bottle designed by Karl Lagerfeld and second by Jean Paul Gaultier. In my opinion Karl's design is much better, not because it's pink and I love this color, because it's much refined until Jean's corsets and I think that it's somehow vulgar, but its only my conception. And what do u think who will be the next designer ? 

Spring with Altuzarra birds

Spring with Altuzzara birds

Uniqlo sleeveless blouse
£30 -

Long blazer
$107 -

Altuzarra flare pants
$775 -

Dsquared leather sandals
$765 -

Chanel leather shoulder bag
$4,812 -

Bounkit turquoise necklace
$1,290 -

Diesel sunglasses
$190 -

This springs/summer is full of colors and prints. My choice'll be to wear pastels, different and original prints and don't afraid of experiments. This look I made with Altuzarra wide pants, u will know that in this season pants with print are very trendyness and I can say the same about peplum, which makes look easier. Orange blazer, Dsquared leather sandals, Chanel leather shoulder bag and two-coloured necklace are ending part of my spring look. Good luck to my lovely readers.

My colors

It's my fav. colors from my looks. Colorful stripes, dots, Bordeaux, light green, purple and brown.

P.S Sorry for bad quality


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