Thursday, January 19, 2012

Irma Sharikadze

Irma Sharikadze is an artist photographer. At the age of sixteen she dreamed of becoming a stage actress. Graduating from the Art Lyceum she had decided to enter a Theatre Institute but there emerged Photography into her life and it was to change all. She dared to come to decision of becoming a free artist-photographer. Irma collaborates with best magazine and leading Georgian designers. She was in charge of advertising campaigns of Borjomi, Castel, Tbc bank, Standart bank, Adjara casino and other clients. She was influenced by Niko Pirosmani and Sergei Parajanov. Her last personal exhibition was in 8-9 of October. The photo project "Sky as Crown"
presents the beautiful Georgian landscape, while ethnocultural symbols elaborate the modern concept of Georgian woman. The project consists of 27 photos. Irma Sharikadze invited leading Georgian designers to the photo sessions, which were held in open air in different regions of Georgia: Svaneti, Tusheti, Ozurgeti, Kazbegi, Sagarejo, Telavi, and Shatili. Irma Sharikadze: „My aim was to liberate the concept of Georgian woman from stereotypical chains. Georgian woman is a bearer of energy, temperament, boldness and eroticism; she organically shares European aesthetics, being capable of enriching the latter with her unique flavor at the same time. The beauty of the modern Georgian woman harmoniously amalgamates with the Georgian landscape and decorates herself with the Georgian sky as a crown, as it was conceived from the beginning.”she has her own indiviual style, which always stands out in ther Georgian society. His originality and colorfulness is reflected in his works. He has implemented several projects, and also had a private exhibitions. In his photos u can’t see the dark colours, its full of life and energy to fill the same who see this pictures, Frida Kahlo, with the great tragedies of life that was full of, Irma has presented him in different way to public. I think in Georgia are a few of the professional photographer who has his own direction and I think Irma sharikadze is on the first place. Talented woman, who is replete with tenderness, with a strong and gifted with amazing transformation. That's my opinion on her. She listens Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse, Depeche Mode Nina Simone, Tom Waits, Madonna, Leonard Cohen, Astor Piazzolla, Ravi Shankar, Bueno Vista Social Club, and Nat King Cole, her Favorite Quotations - Discovering beauty is what I think is my destiny. Human beauty is a miracle and is inseparable from love. Love is the light that guides us on our paths and grants freedom. Love is an art, an art which is to be ...
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