Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vogue's New Talent - Nino Sepo

We all are familiar with Vogue Talents. First Georgian who became the Vogue new talent was, professional designer Nino Chubinishvili also known as "Chubika", proceeded by Nino Sepo (Sepiashvili), amateur in fashion world, yet promising and ambitious designer. She has graduated from Tbilisi State Academy Of Arts. The theme of her first and latest collection was "Caucasian Frame". Each of her work represents very deep history and traditions of our country and whole Caucasus. The collection was dedicated to the contemporary Caucasian women, who are captives of their own traditions. Nino Sepiashvili : “Inspite of everything contemporary Caucasian woman cannot be like other ones. She is still different, she is in frame, she is moving with this frame and cannot get free from it. This frame are made from: Caucasian traditions, emotions, strict character, moral. With my conception I wanted to ask the  people, do we really need  to move without  frame?  does it really hurts  to live better  and be absolutely free, or  this frame is protects us from losing ourselves." - view full interview at  Vogue Italia
Personally I am very proud of her, she is very hard working and talented designer and because of those two qualities I am sure she will reach her goal. Good Luck and best wishes !


  1. sxvatashoris, me ar momwons es kolekcia :D ki gamixarda da warmatebebs vusurveb <3 mara dzaan kelshi amomdis es kavkasiuri da kartuli elementebi kvela akademieli bavshvisgan, fantazia ar akvt !

    1. rogorc tviton agnishna dizainerma koncefcia moewonat :)xo ise bevrs aqvs xolme qartuld tradiciul da nacionalur motivebze ))

    2. ratomac ara?! piriqit, qartuli da kavkasiuri exotikuria msoflioshi. mand ki sheileba yelshi amogivida, giorgi, magram samwuxarod bevrma saqartvelo ra aris da sad aris arc icis :(
      me ki momwons qartveli dezainerebi, magram erti problema maqvs. shav ferebs vera da ver movshordit.... titqos da shav-tetr televizias (an samyaros uyurebde). ferebze vgizhdebi, da mravalferovani koleqciis naxva msurs!!! Colors make me happy. Vici rom zogs sul an tetri an shavi acvia, magram chemtvis es dzalian mosawyenia... :(



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